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New Range Box

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Just received my new Range Box. Bought it from Cheaper Than Dirt and it is worth way more than they charge ( :shock: $50). Top Quality. It holds two pistols securely, spotting scope, binoculars, cleaning gear, ear muffs, ammo and mags and spare parts/tools. It's also DHS/TSA/Airline approved!!! :D


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How deep is that box? The barrel on my revolver is 7 1/2'' long.

Range box holds 2 (9") handguns
Rugged, reinforced aluminum
Vertical sleeve
Adjustable, roomy accessory compartments
Keylocks with snap close
Thanks Paul. I've been shopping for a new range bag; maybe that's the way I should go instead. Don't believe I've ever seen one like it before. T
Nice box. I have several canvas DP range bags I use to go to local ranges but that would be great for airline check in. How sturdy/rigid is it?
Sturdy enough to be certified by the airlines and TSA as suitable for transport of firearms. :wink:
Checked the web and it is no longer available, it was a one time deal. Paul probably got the last one. :cry:
Check Sportsman's Guide as well as Cheaper Than Dirt. :D
Since I was lucky enough to get one myself (Thanks Paul!!), I decided to do a quick search on the net to see if I could find any other places that sell them. Here's what I found -

SportLock Range Case, $49.99 @ Cabelas
SportLock 2 Gun Aluminum Range Pistol & Handgun Case, 54.99 @ exploreproducts.com
ADG Sports Aluminum Two Pistol Range Box Gun Case, $68.96 @ Amazon.com

All three are the same Range Box I have (with maybe the exception of the color, I have a black one). Worth the look to find one IMO.

The Range box I believe is made by ADG Sportsand is even listed on their website for purchase where it's advertised for $67.95.
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You're welcome Map. IMHO, it's a great box and the airlines love them! :wink:
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