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New S&W SW40VE

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Hey there--
Just got a .40 cal to round out the collection. Picked it up yesterday at a gun show and it's in GREAT shape. It was $150 less than others that seem to be in the same class, or at least close. I've read all kinds of good things about this gun. Any other owners out there have good or bad experiences?
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I bought one a month ago , new, and love it. The trigger takes some getting used to but the pistol will deliver good accuracy if you do your part.

The first box of Winchester white box 165gr shot low and left. Keeping 10 shots in 10 inches at 15 yards was a problem. I did reload some 165gr Berry's plated bullets with 8.2 gr. of Blue Dot and managed to keep 6 shots in 4 inches at 20 yards this load also hit point of aim. I was impressed. Along with the load, I think dry firing it extensively helped.

I recommend a LOT of dry firing to get used to the trigger.

Regardless of what bad press this pistol gets, what I've experienced speaks volumes. I'm happy with my Sigma.

All the Best,
D. White
Great thanks. I will take your advice and dry fire mine. Yes, the trigger is very tough, and will take some getting used to. I have heard about some taking the .40 cal to a gunsmith to have the trigger pull altered. Have you heard about it and do you know any results?
I haven't read much about having the trigger worked on. Wolff Springs makes a replacement striker spring for the Sigma which apparently reduces the trigger pull somewhat however it reduces primer strike force also. I've read where people have had good results with this and others had mis-fire problems.

The up-side of the Sigma trigger pull is that my Ruger Security-Six feels a LOT easier double action after shooting the Sigma. Get used to that Sigma trigger and you will NEVER have a bad stock trigger again.

All the Best,
D. White
Does any one know if there is akit to reduce trigger pull? If so who makes it? Would like to know thanks.It's for a s&w sigma 40
If you don't mind getting into the guts (Sear Block) of the weapon you can make this good gun into a great gun. I did the well known trigger mod on mine and it feels like a gun costing way more. I do not recommend changing the striker spring as this will cause light-strike misfires. (I have the 3.5# Wolff springs but never needed them.)

You can find the procedure on the S&W forums at http://smith-wessonforum.com or just Google "Sigma Trigger Mod".

All you need is:
1) Dremmel with polishing kit
2) Small punch to remove Sear block
3) A small amount of dry lubricant
There is no need to pay anyone to fix your Sigma. And you can forget about all of those "shade tree" fixes for the trigger issues. Some of the suggested methods can make your weapon unreliable and even dangerous. Send it to LSG Manufacturing (after calling them first!). They are the AUTHORIZED S&W warranty repair service and will fix it for FREE including shipping both ways.

The address is in your owner's manual.

Happy Shooting!
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