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New to board, Blackhawk shooter. . .

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A couple days ago I joined up over at shotgun world and then found a link over the here, so here I am.

I have a Ruger and 2 S&W revolvers, but my favorite is the Ruger which is why I'm posting this up here.

It's a 3 screw Blackhawk in 45 ACP, never had the reworked safety, blue steel, smooth wood grip, and the long barrel, don't remember the exact length, but it's at least 8".

My dad bought it new in 1968 right before he went to Vietnam which is why it's in ACP and not LC. He still shoots it from time to time, but it's basically mine now. It's been balanced and reworked and is one smooth shooter.

It's incredibly balanced, anyone can pick it up and put 6 shots under a coffee can at 25 yards. And by anyone, i mean anyone. It's to the point where an experienced shooter could put 6 in 6" with their eyes closed. I can put 6 under a silver dollar at 50, and i've seen my old man put 6 in a 6" circle at 100 yards.

I hope this board turns out as well as shotgun world, i know i'll be around.

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Welcome to the boards, we look forward to hearing from you.

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