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New to board with a Colt question

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Hello, I'm new to the board and to owning guns in general.
My uncle recently passed away and left me 4 pistols. I have a Ruger P97DC new in box unfired, a Browning .40cal NIB unfired, a S&W .357 mag NIB unfired and the pistol I have a question about.
It's a Colt .45. On th left side of the barrel it says "Government Model Colt .45 automatic". I'm told it's a 1911?
The first 3 #'s of the serial are 292XXX-C.
Can anyone tell if it is in fact a 1911 model, the year and value?

Thanks in advance
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It's a 1911.

I don't have the books handy, so I can't tell you the year or series (the -C suffix would tell you what series it is).

Value depends on the particular model and, even more, the condition.
The serial number you listed dates to 1963. Based solely on that you have a 1911A1.
Thanks for the info. The gun has been shot but appears to be in almost perfect condition. Any idea what it would be worth and/or steer me towards a website that I can get this info?
Thanks again.
I sent you a PM with some sites that can help. Value range would be 450-1500 or so. It all depends on condition, box, paperwork, etc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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