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Just bought a new, never carried, 1979 Walther P1 which is a parkerized P38. Extremely smooth action and shoots like a dream. Got it for 303 tax and all at Gander Mountain.
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I keep looking at those but never convince myself to take the plunge. Maybe I'll have to take another look. :D
The local GM had them on sale awhile back---holster,extra mag and box for around $350
The P-1 was one of the first guns to use an aluminum alloy frame. I agree they are a smooth firing gun, excellent to handle. But be advised - do not be tempted to shoot hi-power ammunition out of it, even if and especially if, you're tempted to try hi-power ammo after installing extra strength recoil springs. Simply put the frames can crack, even a 1979 issue with all the various improvements and part upgrades incorporated into the design over the years. You can shoot el-cheapo Wal-Mart Winchester White Box bulk ammo all day long. The P-1 is a fun plinker, a classic design, and an inexpensive piece of history, but stick to the ammo loads it was designed to shoot or expect to keep it as a paperweight.

This advice comes from both numerous reports and personal experience. I bought a P-1 that was on consignment sale - the previous owner had used high power ammo and tho I never did, I discovered a small crack in the frame about 6 months after purchase.

FYI a great site for all things related to P-1, P-38 and other Walthers and German guns is.

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Thanks for thereply NG, I have read this about the P1 on other sites. I am shooting the standard 9MM but I have replaced the 6.5 lb springs with the 8 lb. Have you heard of this being a problem?
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