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New user, sent here from shotgunworld!

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Hello guys, new member here, thought id show off my baby.

Springfield xd-40 with a tlr-1 light attached to it(so freaking bright). Ive had it for about 2 months and have put about 4000 rounds through it, and i love it.

Oh yeah and thats federal tactical HST, which is some nasty nasty stuff.
First handgun, definately not the last.
I recently bought a mossberg 500A for 20 dollars, minus a barrel.
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome Akira!

Dude, I sure hope that the 4,000 rounds of ammo (by the way - keep it up at that rate, and you might just learn how to shoot! :D ) - anyway - I sure hope that wasn't 4,000 rounds of FACTORY AMMO, was it? And should we address you as Mr. Rockerfeller?

Second thing I did (first was to buy a Colt Series 70 (which was current at the time! :( ) was to invest in a reloading set-up and learned how to reload as I learned to shoot. I used to (back in the day) shoot a MINIMUM of 400-500 rounds every weekend. Usually it was more in the neighborhood of 1.000 - 2,000 rounds, but sometimes the weather wasn't too good. But, by holding fast to my rule to shoot every weekend, come Heck or high water, I got to be a [email protected] good shot! All it takes is commitment and lots and lots of practice. (Then - practice some more!)

Keep it up!

(Third thing I did was to have the pistol "tuned up" a bit - lowered the ejection port, trigger job, sights, etc. It was the sweetest gun I have ever owned and I kick myself in the a$$ every day for selling it! :roll: :oops:
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