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not a Glock

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I'm looking for a pistol that I can use the CTC laser grips on. I don't want a Glock, and I'm unsure of their competitors. I know the S&W sigma is close, but according to Crimsons web site, they don't have a laser for that style of smith. Any other options out there? Looking to buy used and would prefer a smaller/lighter gun. I shot a Glock 19 last weekend and it was perfect, but I don't want a Glock.
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I'd recommend you look over the SIG 226, 229 or 239 models a little bit. I think they make a real nice gun. They do have a poly frame gun in the 2022 models - but all of the models I've suggested are available in 9mm, .40 or .357 sig

SIG has a lot to offer - and a lot of variety in finishes. The 226 is my favorite but pretty heavy to carry / so I'd probably look at the 229 or 239 depending on what fits your hand the best ( I'm not a Glock guy either ) I shoot the Glocks ok, I just don't like them - and I admit I'm biased against them. But if for some reason I don't want to carry a 1911 - I carry a SIG.

There are 1911's in 9mm out there - Kimber, Les Baer and others have them. The Kimber Tactical Pro II in a 9mm is a pretty nice gun with a 4" barrel - and occasionally I will carry it as well.
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