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not a Glock

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I'm looking for a pistol that I can use the CTC laser grips on. I don't want a Glock, and I'm unsure of their competitors. I know the S&W sigma is close, but according to Crimsons web site, they don't have a laser for that style of smith. Any other options out there? Looking to buy used and would prefer a smaller/lighter gun. I shot a Glock 19 last weekend and it was perfect, but I don't want a Glock.
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I had an S&W SW40, otherwise known as a Sigma. It was an OK gun but it had a hellacious trigger pull. It was slightly smaller than a Service model XD but had a 14 round mag rather than a 12 round like the XD. I shot it well but did not like the trigger as much as about any other non-Glock pistol I've owned. My wife found the grip to be much more to her liking than most of my other auto pistols though. It went down the road shortly after I bought my first XD. I am an XD fan as it fits my hand very well. I've had all three models in 40 S&W but currently own just a Service. The Tactical was too difficult to get a holster for while the grip on the SC was really not any smaller than the Service if the finger extension was used and carried 3 fewer rounds. If you put a flat floor plate on to make the grip shorter, a finger and a half were left out in the wind which does not greatly aid accuracy. The inch or so difference in barrel length is virtually unnoticable for belt carry with the longer barrel having a few noticable benefits.
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One nice thing about the .40 S&W XD is that you can buy a drop in 9mm barrel for it and have the capability to shoot both calibers. I think the brand name is Fire Dragon and they run $180 on www.pistol-gear.com (at least I hope that is the right site). I haven't done this yet but plan on doing it one day. Surefire does put out a rail mounted light/laser combo that will fit the XD and they are indeed pricey; in fact Surefire is pretty proud of all their equipment and the prices reflect that. There are a couple other brands that produce a similar product but they are nowhere's near as common and may not be as dependable either. I have a couple rail mounted flashlights for my guns and am happy with them. Another future purchase is the guide rod laser when the funds become available. I have more faith in these to keep their zero than something I take off and put back on a number of times between firings.
I am not too fond of the kit, about all that is really usable is the mag loader. The holster is not overly secure and the mag holders are not the most secure or comfortable either. I would much rather have just the gun and mags for the $40-$50 premium that is charged so I can go and get the holsters I want. I just hate paying extra for something I will knowingly never use and have to replace. The kit is not junk, it just does not meet the needs/uses I expect.
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I misspoke up above regarding the rail mount lights for a handgun. There is the Streamlight out there that is quite good also, I should have thought of that as I have two of them, an M3 and a TLR-1. The M3 has a version with an integral laser that is named the M6. it lists for something in the $250+ range while the M3 is around $100-$150. These M series have halogen bulbs and throw a kind of harsher, yellowish light. I think they cast a beam further than the LED but won't swear to it. The TLR-1 is an LED light and it appears to be softer on the eyes of the holder though not on the recieving end. It is much whiter in color, almost a bluish tinge, but doesn't seem to extend the rays as far as the halogen. I picked mine up for a little under $100 this summer. I believe the TLR-3 has an integral laser and runs correspondingly more expensive. The Streamlights are a fair bit cheaper than Surefire and I am sure will do well for the majority of uses one will put them through. At least I can buy a couple for the price of one Surefire and replace them as they go down.
As FuelBurns2 says, $469 is a typical price on a black or olive XD9 or 40, Bi-Tones and Earth Tan go for more.
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Personally, I prefer the lasers that replace the guide rod for most semi-autos, especially the double stack models. The add on CTC units make the grip just a bit too wide for my taste. These "integrate" so well with the gun that it is very difficult to tell from stock. I also like how the activation switch is right at the tip of the finger when the gun is held correctly when drawing and covering a suspect.
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