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not a Glock

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I'm looking for a pistol that I can use the CTC laser grips on. I don't want a Glock, and I'm unsure of their competitors. I know the S&W sigma is close, but according to Crimsons web site, they don't have a laser for that style of smith. Any other options out there? Looking to buy used and would prefer a smaller/lighter gun. I shot a Glock 19 last weekend and it was perfect, but I don't want a Glock.
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I would have to confirm the XD is a good choice.

I have heard good things about the S&W M&P.

I didn't want the glock and went with the XD40, the trigger is better and it had a smaller grip with a better natural point for me ( very important ).

I have friends with glocks and some of them are selling them to buy the M&P.

If you can find a range with a M&P for rent it might be worth checking out.


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