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not a Glock

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I'm looking for a pistol that I can use the CTC laser grips on. I don't want a Glock, and I'm unsure of their competitors. I know the S&W sigma is close, but according to Crimsons web site, they don't have a laser for that style of smith. Any other options out there? Looking to buy used and would prefer a smaller/lighter gun. I shot a Glock 19 last weekend and it was perfect, but I don't want a Glock.
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Thanks for the info guys. The purpose of this gun is purely plinking, and price range around $400. I'm pretty new to the auto world. I have several wheel guns, but only a Colt Target .22 and a Berreta 8040 in auto's. I'm leaning more towards the 9mm just for inexpensive ammo, and more rounds per clip.
Thanks again
Re: re: not a Glock

Fuelburns2 said:
For your budget and since its just for plinking I would suggest you consider a full sized 9mm Desert Eagle. Its marketed as the "Baby" Desert Eagle because its a normal sized gun compared to the behemoth .50AE Desert Eagles. I bought mine for about $400 and its been great for target practice. Here's my review and a picture.
http://www.pistolworld.com/bbs/viewtopi ... 5&start=30

Its very similar to a CZ design which are also great guns but it doesn't fit your small/light specification. For plinking a full sized pistol is typically easier to control though.
I want something pretty light. I've been packing my Beretta around while bird hunting this season, and although it's a good size, it weighs on your belt after awhile(belt holster). A good friend of mine has a Baby DE and is a fun gun to shoot, it's just not what i'm looking for.

CTC does not make a laser grip for the XD either but laserMax does. At $400 it's pretty pricey. I'm going to check out a bunch of pistols Friday!!
Re: re: not a Glock

Fuelburns2 said:
I get it now. :D It does sound like you want a polymer gun. The last suggestion I have is to look into the fairly new S&W M&P. I haven't had a chance to see or hold one yet but they sound interesting. Good luck with your search, thats half the fun!
I'll let you know what I come up with.
Have you guys shot/used the SW40GVE?

or 9mm which ever
So I went to my local gun shop, that I've bought numerous guns from, and the jerk behind the counter got annoyed with me when I wanted to compare the 40 and 9mm in the XD. I know they're the same gun, it just cheesed me off. If i'm going to spend $500, I'm going to take a good look at the gun first. Never even got a chance to look at the M&P because the guy left to help "another customer".

I'm sure it gets really old that everyone and their dog is looking and not buying a gun, but jeez. I bet he would have changed his tune if he knew I have five big ones in my wallet.

Just my soap box....sorry.

I'll go back tomorrow and find the guy I've bought from in the past.
billt said:
Nurse said:
I shot a Glock 19 last weekend and it was perfect, but I don't want a Glock.
Then you'll have to try a less perfect gun. I would recommend the Springfield XD Series, or one of the S&W Sigma's. Both are far less perfect than a Glock. :roll: Bill T.
I was meaning the size of the Glock 19 was what I like.

I handled XD's in the 40 and 9mm today, along with the XD compact. I really liked the feel/size of the service model. I think that is what i'll end up with. Now I just need to decide between 9mm or .40. I already have a Beretta in a .40 so the 9mm will be something different. Plus, 17 rounds is pretty cool. No laser grip offered though. The salesman said that SureFire makes a flashlight/laser combo for that pistol, but I think he's full of it. I could only find a flashlight for the small sum of $400 plus. What I was really impressed with was the "kit" the gun comes with. Pretty neat!

BTW- $469 is a pretty good price for a new Service XD in 9mm isn't it?
Re: re: not a Glock

BigDog said:
I'd recommend you look over the SIG 226, 229 or 239 models a little bit. I think they make a real nice gun. They do have a poly frame gun in the 2022 models - but all of the models I've suggested are available in 9mm, .40 or .357 sig

SIG has a lot to offer - and a lot of variety in finishes. The 226 is my favorite but pretty heavy to carry / so I'd probably look at the 229 or 239 depending on what fits your hand the best ( I'm not a Glock guy either ) I shoot the Glocks ok, I just don't like them - and I admit I'm biased against them. But if for some reason I don't want to carry a 1911 - I carry a SIG.

There are 1911's in 9mm out there - Kimber, Les Baer and others have them. The Kimber Tactical Pro II in a 9mm is a pretty nice gun with a 4" barrel - and occasionally I will carry it as well.
The Kimber, and definitely the Les Baer are probably out of my price range. I would love to have either, but really am looking for a light weight handgun. I carried my Berretta 8040 for 7 days while hunting last week, and by the end of each day I could really feel the weight. And I guess I really don't know if there is all that much difference weight wise between what I have and what I think I should start carrying.
I still haven't made up my mind about a new pistol. I keep eye balling the XD but it's a huge drawback for me that Crimson Trace doesn't offer a sight for it. And those Surefire lights are $300 for the light/laser combo and then you have a big, bulky turd hanging off your gun that's harder to holster. Maybe I should just buy a Glock 17 or 19 in 9mm. CTC makes an awesome sight for it and the gun holds 17 rounds. I really don't like the 9mm round, but for plicking I guess I really can't go wrong with it. It's cheap.
Re: re: not a Glock

Fuelburns2 said:
Email CT and ask if they plan to offer a grip for the XD.
I did. And so have many others. They said they have tabled it for the next 6-9 months


Just type in "Springfield XD" into the search
Re: re: not a Glock

txgolfer51 said:
I'm confused! You keep saying you don't want a Glock yet you keep describing what you want and you are describing a Glock! :lol:

Seriously, if you want a polymer handgun in 9mm that is the size of a G19, then get a G19! It's not that difficult! Probably one of the best and most popular semi-auto handguns for plinking, self-defense, etc.

Maybe if you clearly stated why you don't want a Glock, we can point you in the right direction.
My uncle and cousin both have them. :lol:

Dumb reason I know, but I just want something different than them. And you're right. I should just buy a G19. I've told myself that if by July CTC does not come out with a laser for the XD then I'll buy the Glock.

And I don't really need the laser sights, it's just so much more fun to shoot with that stupid little red dot flying around :roll:


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