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Old M&P of 1905

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Well, I've decided to add this old warhorse to the collection. It's a S&W Model of 1905 (4th Change) commonloy referred to as the M&P's daddy. It's in really great shape and has crisp rifling; tight action and great alignment. I'll be ridding it of the old Pachmeyer grips as soon as the new ones get in. I'm pretty happy. :D

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Yes, .38spl :D
Well, I won the auction. This little baby cost me a grand total of $160 delivered. Not a bad price, eh? I am happy. :D

I have also ordered a set of original grips for it. :wink:
$160!!! :shock: It's not often I admit this but I may be suffering a bit of jealousy right now. :wink: That's a real nice S&W for that price. Congratulations on winning it.
Thanks, B. We'll see how she shoots. We'll also see how she looks all polished up with new grips! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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