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I have an old pistol the Barrel is 2-1/8" long. On top of the barrel it says PROTECTOR and on the side of the barrel is the PAT D APR 23, 1878 and on the bottom is the letter B and the number 6154. The gun is also a single action 5 shot. and it is rimfire 30 Cal not 32 Cal. And I know there has been at least 4 different manufactures that produced guns with the name Protector they are:
PROTECTOR Tradename used by Bliss and Goodyear, New Haven.
PROTECTOR Tradename used by Echave y Arizmendi on pistols.
PROTECTOR Tradename used by Norwich Falls Pistol Company on revolvers, c.1880.
PROTECTOR Tradename used by Santigo Salaberrin.

Does this pistol have any value?
PS they stopped making 30 Cal rimfire ammo in 1919.
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