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Opinions for a CCW Please

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I've narrowed my choices to the Springfield XD Sub-Compact in 40 S&W, or one of the Glock sub-compacts (the Glock 27 or 39) Or possibly the Glock 30

Interested in the pros and cons of each

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Can't offer you pros/cons of either one, as I have no experience with either..... personally, I'd skip the bottom feeders and get a small-frame wheelgun like a Ruger SP-101.

To each his own, I guess.
Hate to rub it in, WWB, but isn't Wisconsin one of about 3 states without CCW?

Capt, can't offer much advice on those pistols; I like the 1911 myself, but I don't think you could go wrong with either. Hopefully, through friends at the range you've had an opportunity to shoot both. The completeness of the Springfield package is pretty attractive. Doesn't it come with kydex as well as spare mag?
Re: re: Opinions for a CCW Please

TMats said:
Hate to rub it in, WWB, but isn't Wisconsin one of about 3 states without CCW?
I think it's 2 states...

I like the XD's better than the glock. You might want to give them both a try if that's possible. Even if you find a range that rents the full size glock's and XD's it would give you a place to start.
Thanks everyone - Yes the XD's do come with a pretty nice package . . . . extra magazine, holster, and speed loader. I'll let you know what I decide.
I've shot my sister's Glock compact,in 40SW, and its a hand full. To get better control,she had to add one of those slip on grips with the finger grooves. Me, I'm carrying a wheelgun. I prefer it to an auto, but that's just my opinion. My son has one of the XD's and I haven't heard anything bad about it yet. It'll all come down to what you feel comfortable with.

I've owned both XDs and Glocks with my personal preference being the XD. Both are good guns and would probably serve you well. The grip angle between the two is rather different so it would pay to shoot each before buying.
Do not let the XD "package" equipment be a deciding factor; you would be money ahead if yo could get just the gun and spare magazine for less. The holster is not all that great of quality (it would be best used on the range and not for carry; for the latter use you will want a different one), the mag loading device is a bit awkward compared to some other loading devices but at least it is "free", and the second magazine is also offered with the Glock. I use the Service sized XD as my concealed carry weapon as it really isn't that much larger than the compact. I found I needed the finger extension for best accuracy and that made the grip length the same as for the standard model. As long as the length was so close, I figured I wold go with the added rounds.
Thanks Dog - I think I do like the feel of the XD better. I'm hoping to get to shoot both this weekend. I'll let everyone know what I decide . . . Although the local guy that offered me the best price on my trade and the best price on the XD has them on back-order. :( Not sure how long till he gets them in.
I have both an XD45 (full size) and a glock 27. I have shot the subcompact in .40. I like my XD better then the glock 21, but I liked the glock 27 better then the XD40 sub. Its a good idea to shoot both ahead of time. I found the trigger better on the XD45 then the XD40 (I dont know why maybe size of the gun). I shot consistantly better with my 27 then the XD40. The reverse is true of the full size models. The XD45 just felt better then the 21. To get an idea about my hand size it is a size 8 surgery glove (slightly larger then average). I should note that I recently put a 3.5# trigger connector in my glock 27 and I shoot it even better now (Im not great but I can put 10 rounds in a sheet of paper at 50ft or so....before it would have been 8 or 9 rounds with the 5.5lb connector).
I'd definitely go with a Glock over an XD. The grip safety on the XD is unnecessary.
Have never shot either but you may want to check out SIG Sauer.
Well - I finally made my decision . . . . . I'm off to get the Glock this afternoon . . . .
Ya can't go wrong with a Glock. Good choice.

(However, a S&W .357 would be even better . . . :mrgreen:
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