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Opinions Needed On A CCW

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I am a 43yr old guy 5ft 11in, 190lbs. Good shape & health. I have 3 choices in a handgun for self-defense and conceal carry. I have shot all 3 at the range with mutual feelings towards all 3. I would like to get some opinions on choice for ccw.

(1.) Bersa T380 (2.) Taurus 357 M650 CIA (3.) Taurus 9mm PT111 Millinium

Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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380, 9mm OK but 40 S&w /45 Better for low round count compact guns.

It' like hunting calibers do you want to wound them or put them down?

Glock or XD are better choice.


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For a .380 Id go with the Kel Tec P3-At. For Taurus I'd go with the Millenium Pro in .40. Not a big fan of the 9mm. I have a CIA .357 and it really is a heavy gun for it's size there are some better options out there. I have not had the opportunity to shoot the XD but really would like to try one. The Glock I have shot I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with. ALso ask yourself how will you carry and what clothes will you be wearing. Hard to carry a big 1911 in the summer in shorts and a t-shirt.
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