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Opinions on GI Model High Capacity 5" .45ACP

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I think I have finalized my decision on what to get next. I like the looks of the GI model SA 1911.

I handled one yesterday at the range, and it felt good in my hands, but a bit small.

Does anyone have or have used the high capacity model? I was thinking of getting it more for fit issues, thinking it would be thicker in my hand. FWIW, I wear a size 14/15 glove. Not NBA material, but larger than normal hands.

I had a series 80 which I miss dearly, and have recieved the greenlight to buy any gun I want. (Not said, but I have to keep the cost reasonable, so this wont be the LAST gun I buy until next Christmas)

As I posted in the Gun Opinions forum, the local dealer has the GI 5" Parkerized, but has it on "sale" for $100ish over MSRP. Are they normally going for that much, or are they jacking it up?
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Keep in mind that the high capacity is a double stack. It will have a wider grip. You might want to look at the Mil-Spec model instead of the GI. The Mil-Spec has improvements over the GI such as lowered ejection port and better sights. The Mil-Spec can be found for around $500-575. If you want some grips that will widen the gun some but not too much you should look at the Hogue Wraparound rubber grips.

How much wider are we talking here? I put grips that added about 3/8" to my Series 80, and it was about perfect. maybe another 1/4 inch over that would be OK, but I would love to be abe to handle one before ordering it.
Somehow I posted without signing in. I didn't think that was possible. If there is some way to screw something up, I'll find it.
Are the barrel/slide/bushing the same as the single stack?

I thought it would only be needing the special mags, but is there a lot of internal differences?

I was hoping that trigger kits, mainsprings, and the other usual goodies would still fit.

From a fit standpoint, it seems like the way to go.
I am not sure about the thickness of the grips but I did notice that it helped quite a bit. If you really really want a high capacity I would go for it but if you can, try and hold one before buying it.
I'm calling around this week to see if anyone has one in stock.

7+1 should be more than adequate for any at home need, but I may also end up carrying this at work as well. I hate the issue 9mm's
I sent a message last night but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace. I believe everything in the slide is the same as on the single stacks but the rest is kind of up for grabs. Ambidextrious safeties are not interchangable, at least there is a separate one for the Para-Ordinance. Same goes for the mag release and I'm pretty sure on the slide release, especially extended ones. I have no idea if the same beavertail is used nor hammer. I couldn't tell you about triggers, mine came with a lightened match grade trigger which I'm very happy with. I have always looked at what is available for the Para to see what there is for my SA, the reading is rather quick. The only changes I've made to my gun has been having tritium dots added to the factory sights. This was about as much as totally replacing the sights but as it came from the factory the sights were perfect and I did not want to mess anything up. The only regrets I have to the wide body is the lack of a relatively inexpensive .22 conversion kit (Marvel has the only one and it is rather pricey) and cheap magazines. The best magazines I've found have been through CDNN Investments, $30 for 12 or 14 round mags (the 14 stick out on my gun). You can also use Para-Ordinance mags but they cost more.
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This is what Springfield had to say:


The hi cap model you are inquiring about currently is the only hi cap 1911 model we offer. As far as this gun and the regular GI, they are the same except like you mentioned the mag and the frame. I hope this answers your questions and let me know if you need additional information. Happy Holidays.

Thank you,


Regional Dealer Relations

Springfield Armory
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Thumper... take a look on GunBroker.com - there are usually good deals on Springfields, there. As to grip, just add a fatty grip in any material you like (also available on GunBroker). :wink:
Bought it today, can pick up tuesday!

I posted in the pistol opinions. GI Hi-Cap lower, with a Mil-spec slide (Lowerd and chamfered ejection port, 3-dot sights). Technically used, but cannot tell, and it has the warranty card still in the box.

I acutually wanted a Mil-spec hi-cap (not made) but the previous owner apparently made it by buying the parts.

Man, next week is REALLY far away right now!
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