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p85 durability

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question: has anyone ever WORN OUT a p85?
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I have a p85 and a stainless p89 (upgrade from the p85) great guns they eat anything are more accurate than i am and are rugged and completely reliable never had any trouble I put alot of rounds through them and have yet to see any issue

I cant seem to. Had mine going on 14 years, cant even guess how many thousands of rounds I have put thru it. I do have some scrub marks on the guide rod. Happens when you put the recoil spring on backwards.
:) One of mine went through Desert Shield/Storm and four brothers shot it til it was sludge-filled many times. Now old Dad has it back and it's still a reliable, accurate pistol.
I like Ruger short arms!
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sounds like you guys have it good with your p85's. i got one brand new from my grandfather and it cant hit crap from any distance. the only time it has shot half decent is when i used American Eagle 147 grain FMJ flat point ammo thru it. That stuff is made by federal premium so it is pretty good stuff. but, other times i have used winchester 115 gr. FMJ round tip and it is so awful. some on the left, some on the right, some not even on the paper. and the worst thing is, i know it is not me because i put it in a gun vise, aimed the gun right at the bullseye, and used one of those expensive automatic trigger pulls. that gun can still not hit anything. i have no idea what is wrong with it. do any of you?
Like some other manufacturers, Ruger has a few LEMONS slip out the door occasionally. You may have one, or maybe it really is just finicky as some firearms are... only wants ONE brand/loading and that's all it'll shoot well. Good luck.
///olde 8) pharte///
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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