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Hi all first time poster here (came from "the basement on Shotgun World). A little background on me.

1st generation gun owner in the family. My parents and sisters as well as all of my wife's family have never owned guns, some (my sister in law and youngest sister) believe guns are DANGEROUS! I've had a shotgun for about 2 years now. Got it while in CA after an incident at the home that scared my wife and I. It was 3AM when we hear a loud BANG near our bedroom window (we lived on the ground floor of an apt complex) just moved in and had a 2 month old (our first). A few seconds later we hear a crash and glass breaking from our patio door. I got up to see what was going on and headed for the hallway and at the other end of the hallway was someone (did not know who or what sex it was at that time). Next thing I know that someone is running back out the door and I hear "Get Down, Don't Move" and then another bang. (The guy had slammed into a parked car).

Turns out the guy had robbed the building next to our and was running from the police. The first bang we heard was the guy trying to jump through our bedroom window. He missed and slammed into the wall. The breaking in our patio door was a mistake, he was trying to run past the patio door and into the alleyway (to the right of our patio door was the alleyway) but I guess he missed it and slammed into our door. He was armed with a knife that night from what the police told us.

The next game I went and bought a shotgun and signed myself up for a shotgun home defense class in San Diego, CA.

We moved about 11 months later back to NW Indiana after I got a job transfer and the wife and I completed our NRA basic firearm training course about 12 months ago, got Indiana CCW as well and I am about ready to buy my first handgun.

This past week the IL Rifle Association had an open house and I took my mom and young sister to learn about guns. My mom loved it, shoot some .22s and 9mm (GLOCK and SpringField Armory). She liked the .22 and the GLOCK. She said the Sprigfield had too much recoil. My kid sister fired the .22 10 times and that was it. We could not get her to try anything else.

As for me I know I want a .45 ACP 1911. In the class we took we got to try a wide variety of guns in these 3 calibars: .22, 9mm, .45). There was a GLOCK, Springfield, and a real old 1911 as well as revolvers.

I enjoyed the 1911 the most in the class. It was heavy but the recoil was less than the GLOCK. I guess I'm weakling when it comes to recoil. This past week at the range I got a chance to shoot a springfield armory compact .45, glock sub-compact .45, and Para-USA Warthog .45.

The GLOCK had too much kick for my taste it was OK on the hand.
The Springfield was a bit too small even with the extended magazine and had worse kick than the GLOCK.

The Warthog was OK on the hand a bit small but I was surprised by the recoil. It was less (at least to me) that the GLOCK or Springfield and when I compared the three the Warthog was actually smaller than the other 2! The instructor said the kick was less due to the spring in the warthog.

I'm leaning on getting it but wanted to try the next version up.
1911 LTC 4.5" barrel (http://www.paraord.com/new/product_pistol.php?id=3) but I did not get time to shoot that one before we had to leave. :cry:

I'm thinking it would fit my hand better and since it's a bit bigger the recoil will be even less than the smaller one. The gun ranges around here don't seem to have either one to try out. :(

Thus my questions here.

1) It my thinking correct? The 4.5" barrel one vs the 3" barrel will have less kick.
2) Does anyone have either of these two and would like to comment on them?
3) Is there another 1911 someone would like to comment on that they like?

What do I want this 1911 for?
1) Home defense
2) To carry concealed daily as well.

Thanks all

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For the most part the bigger the pistol the less felt recoil and the easier it will be to aim! That said all 1911's are easy to conceal due to there very slim profile, Due to there single action they have the sweetest triggers you'll ever encounter on any gun especially if you put in a match trigger.Alot of people will argue my next staement but when I went looking for my 1911 I got so many different answers in forums that I started inquiring from old timers (the gun smith that have been around) and 9 out of 10 of them told me if I wanted the best 1911 for reliability and function to stay away from the 3 and 4 inch barrels and get a full length govermnet model, I did,I have never had a failure to feed or eject,it's easy to conceal as long as you dress accordingly and it's not that heavey as long as you don't get a cheap holster,expect to pay $75-150.00 on a good leather holster for your gun or don't bother at alll and feed it good ammo,that said I would recommend any Colt,Springfield,Para,but para isnt a true sa trigger I don't think or any custom like Wilson,Blackhawk etc,some swear by kimbers,some hate them I never had one so can't reccomend one,I can reccomend Springfield highly I have one,its very dependable,very accurate,tons of aftermarket parts to make it what ever you want and it has a lifetime warranty with great customer support and an awesome custom shop what more could you ask for in a company,Para's are a really nice gun but I personally think there oogly
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