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Hey guys, brand new to the forum and was wanting to ask a question about a pistol i'm looking at for concealed carry. http://www.paraord.com/product/product.html?id=42 there is the link for it. does anyone own this gun or ever shot one? any opinions would be helpful, thanks.

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Looks nice but it's a little expensive for my taste. If you want a compact 1911 your best bet would be to go with Springfield, they will save you a little money and the quality is real good. You also might want to checkout Springfield's XD line of pistols, I hear nothing but good things when it comes to the XD :wink:

Checkout these links:
http://www.springfield-armory.com/prod- ... 1-uc.shtml
http://www.springfield-armory.com/prod- ... vice.shtml
http://www.springfield-armory.com/prod- ... pact.shtml
cute gun bloodlust :wink:
I haven't ever heard anything bad about the Para guns but I don't have any firsthand experience with them either. If you like the features and find the price acceptable then I see no reason not to buy one.

I did find this article on the Model 12, I hope it helps.
I do not have first hand experience with Para, but ask why you would pay that much when you can get a SA Commander-sized weapon for less? :?
agreed paul, never looked at the price cuz i didnt wanna press the "buy pistol" button and get looped into something. so ya i was lookin at that Springfield XD in .40 looks good to me, so question becomes, gimme a review on that pistol? thanks again

In the current issue of Guns and Ammo TESTFIRE there is an article on the XD 40. Right in the middle of the magazine is the XD Torture Test, 20,000 shots fired and never a failure to feed. The gun was frozen, submerged, chemically stripped of lubricants, caked in mud, and buried in sand. The sand slowed the slide but never had a failure to feed or fire. Check out www.xdtalk.com for more general information.
I often carry the Springfield version of this pistol and it is one of my all time favorites. This Para is slightly shorter in the grip if I remember correctly, and was designed to compete against Kimber's model, I think the Warthog? Paras are pricey but they are good guns. Double stacked magazines are tough to find and much more expensive than standard single stacks so that could be a concern. I don't know if the Paras are interchangeable with any others so that would be something to look into. There are also fewer accessory options as the grip is much thicker than a standard 1911 Officer model.
I have two XD-40s, a Tactical and a Duty. These are my new carry guns rather than the above Ultra Compact due to a policy change. I've had the Tactical for about 8 months but the Duty is brand new to me. The Tactical models do not have much in the way of duty holsters available which is why I bought a Duty as it fits in my old Sigma holster. I haven't had a problem with the Tactical after a couple thousand rounds and don't expect any with the Duty either. The Duty is still quite a bit bigger than the Ultra Compact so will not be carried as much off duty.
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I have 4 paras they are great. The LDAs weird me out though. Almost too short and light for a DA.
I like the LDA trigger pull. It is very smooth and has plenty of travel to prevent Accidental Discharge. Mine is the Hi-cap Covert and it is very accurate. My wife shoots it well which I can't say for my Beretta 92.
last week, I purchased a used para 12.45 LDA (which is the same gun you are looking at Bloodlust). It just doesnt have the extreme duty extractor. Great shooter... diffenently ccw gun with that 3.5" barrel.
It was surprising...recoil is less than a full size 1911.
LDA trigger is outstanding !
Art 8)

p/s... I think I am thru buying man-toys, at least in pistols...lol
I thought I was done buying toys too. That will never happen. :wink:
Haven't shot a Para yet. Looks nice. I would recommend a Glock for CC. http://www.glock.com Won't be as expenive either.
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