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ParaOrdnance P-16.40 Limited is Jamming. Please help!!

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I have had my para for a while now. I have done some modifying to the gun. When I went to shoot competition is jamming.

It seems to extract ok, but jams with the casing/bullet halfway into the feed ramp with the slide closed on the case. I think this is called a 3 point jam. Not sure. Gun would function properly after I manually racked the slide. Sometimes I could barely pull the slide back with out ejecting and it would go ahead and slide shut all the way.

Below are some of the upgrades or things changed prior to the problem.

*I installed a Tungsten Guide rod (Same size as factory)
*Installed a 15pound Mainspring plunger spring
*Installed a shock buffer on guide rod
*Installed a Ed Brown extra power fireing pin spring

Note: When I changed the fireing pin spring I had problems getting the fireing pin stop to slide back onto the extractor and slide notch. All my other 1911 the fireing pin stop slides in freely and easily. It will slide into the slide notches easily if I remove the power extractor. A problem?

Please, any input......
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OK, well I have been doing some playing around. I removed the recoil (shock buffer) from the guide rod and it seems that that was my problem. Didn't think that little piece of plastic would cause such a mess but so far it did.

Another forum somewhere talking about shock buffers stated the same problems that I was having on my gun.
Glad you figured it out. I was going to suggest to put it all back to original, and start one piece at a time putting the new things on. But it works your way too.... :lol: Good Job.
Shok Buffs can cause short recoil. Slide cannot travel all the way back. Short recoil can cause the type of malfunction you've described. J.M. Browning designed the gun with out one. Leave it alone.

glad you figered it out. hope you learned a lesson.

i for one use the KISS and "if it aint broke, dont mess with it" principles.

however, its your guns and you can do as you please.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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