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Parts for Single Six

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I've got an older Single Six .22 that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, I have a weaker grip that is giving me fits pulling the trigger. Does anyone know where I can get a spring kit or anything similar to rework the trigger a little bit?
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????? Even in factory-issued condition, the trigger on a single-six is only about 4 pounds - closer to 2 pounds if it's an old model (three-screw) single-six. If you're strong enough to hold the revolver, you should have no trouble pulling the trigger.

Are you sure you know how to operate a single-action revolver? It just occurred to me that you may be trying to fire it without cocking it, in which case you would have considerable difficulty.

If you're looking for different hammer & trigger springs, try Wolff Gun Springs. Their website is: www.gunsprings.com
Are you sure you know how to operate a single-action revolver? It just occurred to me that you may be trying to fire it without cocking it, in which case you would have considerable difficulty.
That was a tad bit on the rude side, don't you think? Even if I was dumb enough to not know how to use the thing, why would I need an opinion like this??? Just to humor your ill-mannered ego, I have Muscular Dystrophy and it is causing me to have to make changes to much of my life, including the trigger pull on my guns. Now, if anyone has any legitimate suggestions, I'd appreciate any info you might have.

Most assuredly, WWB was not trying to be rude. He's one of the most valued members on this board, and shootingworld. Many new posters are newer in nature, and even might be guilty of trying to pull the trigger without cocking the hammer. I know I've done it a time or two, after shooting DA on a Redhawk and going to my SingleSix. You'll note he did offer a suggestion, too.

As for me, most local smiths can tune up a gun to a lghiht trigger for pretty low cost. Might be worth looking into. Hate to hear of your MD, I can't really imagine what that'd be like. Wecome to pistolworld, stiuck around nad psot, betting we can learn from you, too.

You are right. He wasn't being rude. He sent me a private apology which I appreciate very much. He seems to be a pretty decent fellow after all. ;)

I'll stick around, don't worry, I may have gotten my feathers ruffles a bit, but they smooth out pretty easily.
Thanks for the welcome.
Good, stay around, tell us the Rugers you own!
The question would then be...do you count just the ones in my house at the moment or all that I have access to? In my home right now, I just have a 4 in. Security-Six and my .22 OM Single-Six. My father is somewhat of a gun freak/collector with two rather large safes so full that you have to open them very carefully. I have access to any and all of those I may take the notion to use. So, in reality, since he buys a new gun about once a month or so, and is planning on distributing them between my two brothers and I, I have no idea what all has my name on it.
sooner, that's a pretty situation to be in. :D mine are listed on my ruger stable thread. I sure am considering the Ruger single six in the 32 H/R mag, a great gun. Had it briefly in the SP101 version.

Your guns will sreve you well, I lack a 6 inch 357, that's on the list, too. Had plenty, just not lately.
txvashooter said:
sooner, that's a pretty situation to be in. :D
Except for the wicked step-mother who seems to be trying to horn in on it all, lol.
:shock: Oh no! Not that! Quickly, you must send all pistols and rifles to me for safekeeping. ;)
I've considered having one of those gun-cleaning "accidents" at their house, lol. No, seriously, I wish she'd go away never to return but I suppose that isn't my decision.
I recently had my Blackhawk given a good going over.The gunsmith showed me the different mainsprings for the trigger. I believe that all single action Rugers(excluding the Bearcat) use the same springs. He was installing Wolfe Springs in mine. The springs come in a set of three for different let offs. Installing them was not bad if ya know what goes where and how to put it all back together. Of course while doing this he cleaned it up on the inside and lubed it. I've not used a scale to check mine but its considerably lighter than it was and much crisper.
Check with a local gunsmith,they should be able to hook ya right up.

Thanks, HWD. I'll have to check it out. I found a gunsmith through a phone call to one of the local gunshops I visit from time to time. I'm supposed to get with him soon about a shotgun, maybe he can look at it then.
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