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A new S&W 617 .22LR but it's a few years old so it is prior to the 'belly button" safety - 6 shot cyclinder - 6" barrel - stainless - Hogue grips. I'll shoot it a little - but it's mostly for the grandkids to play with. I bought 2 speed loaders for it too - so the kids can "play games" with me and their dad on some courses of fire. Paid $ 500 - list is $ 740.

I also picked up a used / but alledgedly unfired S&W 686 6" stainless .357 mag - in original box. Paid $500 for this one too. Too good a deal to pass up / especially as a pair. This one will make a nice mate to an older model 27 S&W .357 mag I've had for several years now.

It's nice to have a good relationship with a local gun shop - so when he gets a nice clean gun in on consignment - they can give you a call as a good customer. Looking forward to shooting them both this weekend.
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