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Try this link: http://p223.ezboard.com/webley-MKIV-455 ... =264.topic
I use FFFg in BP loads for my Webley. The note at that forum is that you will not be able to put more than 15-18 grs. into the case - a very mild load.
I have grown more and more fond of straight BP as opposed to any of the substitutes. It is, however, easier to find the substitutes as they tend to be less restricted.
Volume for volume Swiss BP will give more grains per load and, hence, more power - a nice study of this was done a couple of years ago by Sherman Bell in The Double Gun Journal (Winter 2004). He used a standard 3.5 dram BP measure and found that an average of ten throws of Swiss FFg produced 115.0 grs. per throw. The same measure/technique using Goex FFg produced 101.7 grs.
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