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Description: Operator Tactical Pistol Training, Live Fire and UTM Scenario Training

Dates: 16-17 June 2007

Presented by Mid-Atlantic Training Resources, www.ma-tr.com
Instruction provided by Erik Lawrence and Mike Pannone (Former Federal Air Marshal Instructors)

Course Cost: $700, including book (TACTICAL PISTOL SHOOTING; Your Guide to Tactics that Work by Erik Lawrence), 50 rounds of UTM training ammunition with firearm conversion kit, and lodging for two nights at our facility

Scope of Course: MATR will provide an intense two (2)-day course of instruction on the practical application of the modern semi-automatic pistol. Class size is capped at 12 to allow for more customized training and tuning of your performance. For beginners and professionals who own, carry or need professional training in the use of a semi-automatic pistol to perform better under stress. During the UTM training, students will take turns being the aggressor in role-playing scenarios to see from the other side what works and what does not work. Scenario training will be conducted in our 28,000-sq-ft former medical clinic for realism.

The course will cover:
• Safe and proper handling
• Disassembly/Assembly
• Basic maintenance
• Ballistic considerations
• Tactical shooting drills and considerations to include close/contact shooting instruction
• Low-light firing instruction
• Tactical engagement considerations
• Misfire/Stoppage drills
• Simulations with UTM Ammunition, Safety Equipment and Role-players
• Holster/Magazine Pouch and Accessories considerations
• Implementation of the weapon as a modern defensive weapon

This training has adopted a multi-tiered approach to weapons familiarization and safety.
1. The first stage covers the basics.
o Basic skills, safety, and familiarization.
2. Stage two requires practical demonstration, with each drill/instruction utilizing live ammo.
o This section will feature simple-to-complex skills needed to utilize the pistol effectively in a tactical environment. Conducted during daylight and low-light conditions.
o Accessories to enhance the system will be demonstrated and discussed.
3. The third stage involves the demonstration of learned skills in UTM training ammunition scenarios with live role-players.
o Instructors will conduct scenario-based practical exercises to allow the students to enhance their level of competence against programmed role-players in realistic settings.

Each registered student will receive a copy of the MATR-authored TACTICAL PISTOL SHOOTING; Your Guide to Tactics that Work by Erik Lawrence prior to the course for self-study. This item is a $20 value.

Required to Bring:
• Serviceable semi-automatic pistol with holster, magazine pouch and belt
• Flashlight, handheld or weapon-mounted, depending on your personal system
• Four (4) high-capacity magazines if available
• Eye, ear, elbow, and knee protection
• Suitable clothing for weather conditions
• Rounds per student: 600 rounds of factory or surplus (no reloads) practice (ball)
 Ammo may be purchased from MATR if arranged prior to class.

To Register:
Point of contact at this office is Erik Lawrence, 304-457-1280, [email protected]

Mid-Atlantic Training Resources, LLC is focused on “real-world,” hands-on training for today’s modern tactical unit. MATR is managed as part of the Blackheart International group of companies. Our combined facilities and personnel create secure, discreet, and realistic opportunities for federal agencies and local/state law enforcement officers to come and train in ever-changing environments. Our Law Enforcement training is West Virginia Law Enforcement Training Council (WVLETC) approved for in-service hours. MATR’s mission for our Law Enforcement Training Division is to provide training and certification to West Virginia Law Enforcement Officers. The goal of our LE training is to facilitate basic entry-level training, in-service, and specialized training for law enforcement officers with modern, life-saving instruction.

To register for MATR training: Registering is easy, either by calling 304-457-1280 or through our Website at www.ma-tr.com; go to “Course Registration” on the right side of the Web page. Join our MATR Email Mailing List on the site to be kept up to date on course offerings and activities.
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