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Pistol found in Kitzikin Germany

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My friend has a permit, issued in Germany, for pistol but do idea what type of gun or value for gun found in 1951 in Germany. On the barrel are the numbers 14333601 and the underside of the barrel are the words Agier Fondo...the second letter is worn so it could be a C or L. On the cylinder is a S encircled it is 5 shot cylinder. Lever rejects casings and it appears to have a wooden handle. Can anyone give me an idea what this gun is an how much it is worth and I will forward the info to him.
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Just not enough information to help you. If you can get some pictures of the pistol and close ups of the markings I expect that would assist in figuring out what it is and it's value.

Good luck
acier forgier in st enteinne france maybe ? They made 1892 ordinance revolvers for France.8mm lebel revolver cal.worth about $250 the last one I saw here.
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