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Pistol Purchase Advice

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I think I would like another pistol or two and am looking for some advice.

Here is what I have:
S&W 686 .357 revolver - 4 in Barrel
Antique Hi-Standard Target Pistol .22LR
Helwan 9mm copy of Beretta M951 (Egyptian)
Antique S&W Govt. Issue WWI .38

I feel like my collection is not very functional. At a minimum, I'd like a nice quality and reliable auto as my primary home defense gun. Also, shouldn't everyone have a .45 1911?? What about 9mm too? Maybe one auto not so huge, maybe a medium to small size.

I'd like nice guns, nothing off-brand so to speak. Not the most expensive, but money is not a big issue. Think middle-class to upper middle class as an analogy. (THink 3 series BMW, not 7 series)

Can you help? Which two pistols should I buy?

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I don't know...you collection looks very functional to me....unless you are going to hunt big critters. 357Mag is a little light for bears.

You have a 357 for defense & sport, a 22 for plinking, a Govt. 38 for nostalgia, and a Helwan cause everyone has cheap foreign gun to bang around.

Does everyone need a M1911......not really. But if it puts a :D on your face, that's all that's necessary to bump it to the "need" category.
You guys do realize that there are more guns out there than just the 1911......
Some people take their favorite gun make/model/manufacture to a new high......Just seeing who is going to bite..... :p
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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