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Pistol Purchase Advice

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I think I would like another pistol or two and am looking for some advice.

Here is what I have:
S&W 686 .357 revolver - 4 in Barrel
Antique Hi-Standard Target Pistol .22LR
Helwan 9mm copy of Beretta M951 (Egyptian)
Antique S&W Govt. Issue WWI .38

I feel like my collection is not very functional. At a minimum, I'd like a nice quality and reliable auto as my primary home defense gun. Also, shouldn't everyone have a .45 1911?? What about 9mm too? Maybe one auto not so huge, maybe a medium to small size.

I'd like nice guns, nothing off-brand so to speak. Not the most expensive, but money is not a big issue. Think middle-class to upper middle class as an analogy. (THink 3 series BMW, not 7 series)

Can you help? Which two pistols should I buy?

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Go 1911A1 from Springfield and spend as much or as little as you like on the variations. You can also get a Commander-sized weapon from them... one stop shopping! :wink:
You guys do realize that there are more guns out there than just the 1911......
Oh yes, I do! I have a number of wheelie gun toys. I use em on the range, decorate the walls with them and plink cans with them. :D For personal protection I use the 1911. The one exception to that is the wheel gun in my nightstand... a S&W Model 25... in, yes, you got it... .45ACP. :wink:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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