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Powder problems?

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I need some sage advice on this one...
I'm loading 21 gr of IMR4227 behind a 300 gr cast bullet. I've got a good solid crimp and am using Winchester primers(LP) that are supposedly made for magnum loads. The problem arises when ya pull the trigger. The Ruger 45LC recoils and I get powder back in my face! While this load shoots well, I don't like the half burnt powder on me,in my barrel or in my cylinders. I've tried Win 296 and it burns all the way. The load for the Win powder is almost a duplicate for the IMR. Same primers, bullets, brass and crimp on both loads.

Two things that I did or have noticed. (1) The recoil on the IMR shells isn't near as violent as the Win 296s. Be cause of all the powder not burning ? (2) The IMR ones are much more accurate.

See my issues here? Get powder all over me and shoot accurately or try something else?

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4227 might be one of those powders like 2400 that leaves a little behind when it burns. I have only used 20 grains w/260gr cast in the 45LC. no problems there. You might want to give the Technicans at Hodgdon a call and get their take on it. I think that the 296 is a hotter burning powder than the 4227(more pressure). Hope this helps
IMR4227 and Hodgdon H4227 are 2 different powders. Although I know Hodgdon recently reached an agreement with Winchester to start distributing winchester powders - I wouldn't recommend you substitute H4227 with IMR4227(nor did you imply you were doing that).

But in using H4227 I find it to be a pretty dirty powder - and have gone to Hodgdon Titegroup in my magnum loads. Between H4227 and Titegroup - Titegroup is a much faster burning powder. The Hodgdon site also discusses that Titegroup solved some of the "powder position issues" in the case on low volume powder in magnum cases. But I like Titegroup in .357 mag and .44 mag. I'd recommend you try a little Titegroup - but I also like Hodgon Universal in a .44 mag - so you might try and find a recipe for that as well. Universal is a little slower burning than Titegroup - but in loads ( shotguns and handguns) under 13 grains I think it's pretty clean. I don't like it in a 20ga shotgun load though - it's pretty dirty in that configuration at 15.5 grains. I don't blame you for not wanting that "blowback" in your face. I had some factory .357 mag loads that were doing the same thing - and I finally got rid of them.
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I have never had good luck with any IMR powder in handgun reloading. I have used 2400 with pretty good results.
I dont know if you are interested in another powder recomendation but... I use Accurate Arms powder for all my handgun loads. Here is a link to there website.

There powder burns clean and is a ball powder so it measures well. Hope this helps.
Ya need more crimp. Appply an enormous amount of crimp short of buckling the case, and you'll improve combustion.
Can you be using to much powder with the IMR loading? I see recipes calling for 17.7 with a 250gn LRN. I was always under the impression as you go up in weight you go down in powder? Although it seems you are striving for 44 magnum performance. I know that from past expierence, that the Winchester powders are known to generally burn clean. I dont have no info on the 296, other that it is recomended as a good magnum type powder.
As well as others, i do agree that the IMR powders tend to be dirty, but as you stated they do seem to make your shots group well. I myself have noticed the same.
From what loading books i have, they seem to point out that AA9 is a great application for the +P type loads. Also AA7. I like the Accurate line of powders, and had good results with the #5 in .45ACP and #7 in 9mm.
Hopefully you can find that sweet spot, in the powder charge with the IMR. Sounds like you have a good load with the 296. I wish i could have been more help on this subject.
Take care, Jack
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