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I have a pair of percussion revolvers, stamped "PR FIE Italy" on the butt. A similar revolver was identified in a previous post thusly:

It is a cheap replica of the Remington model 1858 Army/Navy revolver.
Yours is a brass frame model 1858 revolver.
You are correct also that it is a .44 caliber revolver.
BTW, it is supposed to have rifling.
Bass Pro shop sells them brand new for $250.00

They belonged to my brother, who is now in a nursing home and can't tell me about them. They have consecutive serial numbers in the 55xx range. One has been fired, and is jammed. The other may not have been fired at all. Other than not being cared for, they appear to have just been sitting around as there's no wear, no dinged-up screws, etc. I assume these replicas were very popular during the era of the 'Spaghetti Western', and were probably imported back then. What would today's value be on this pair?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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