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Price check: 1917 Colt 1911 .45 USGI

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Hi! I am new to Colt firearms and need some information on this gun. I inherited it from my grandfather. From what I can find on the internet I believe it to be a Colt 1911 Army .45 US Military issue serial number 143887, made in approximately 1916-1917. No rebuild stamps and all original parts including one magazine and one "US" Clinton 1917 holster. has "United States Property" stamp. The blueing is all there but has thinned, some edge wear. The "diamond" grips are in good condition, no crack but a few small knicks. Everything including the action appears to work but I have not fired it. What is the current value of this gun? I will insert some pics tomorrow to help determine what it may be worth. Any help is appritiated.

I had the gun checked out by my local gunsmith and he said that mechanically the gun was superb, very tight, much better than any other early 1911 he had seen. He rated the blueing as being 85-90% saying that it had alot of holster wear. His appraisal was $2000-2500, depending on day of the week and how bad someone wants it. He had another Colt 1911 USGI in the shop, serial in the 89,XXX's and the blueing was near perfect but mechanically it was real loosey goosey, wanted $3000 for it. He called it "the rattler" as it rattled and had alot of slide play. said it had been shot alot. Sure looked pretty though.

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All I can say is that your grandfather loved you and had good taste in autos. Hold on to that baby and wait. It may get 2500 now, and will probably get more later.
Good luck.
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