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Price of Bullets in your area ?

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I'm seeing the following on:

9mm 124 grain Montana Gold CMJ $ 0.06 each in case lots
same for 115 grain

.45 ACP 230gr Montana Gold CMJ $ 0.105 in case lots

In my area it's up a little over 25% in the last 6 months. What are you guys seeing ?
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Prices are going thru the roof on everything. I don't remember a jump like this in a long time. Some of the rifle stuff I've been buying for $15 a box has jumped to $21 here locally. Pistol bullets seem to go up even faster unless you're buying bulk packs.

The price increase is even worse when they are not avaliable locally and you have to add on the shipping :evil:
Lead prices are way up. I hear China is purchasing a lot of lead due to an industrial boom.
Prices are ridiculous here if you want anything other than cast lead bullets.

A box of 115gr FMJ 9mm slugs will run me about $16 for 100. I can go to wal-mart and buy 100 rounds of loaded ammunition (115gr FMJ) for $14.59 so it's rather a moot point for me.

When reloading shotgun I really enjoyed it and saved a considerable amount of money compared to shooting factory loads but for plinkng with a 9mm it's seriously not worth it to me cost wise.
I just cast my bullets.I have been a avid caster now for over 30 years.I have saved a ton of money over the years.
If you shoot a weapon that can shoot cast slugs safely go for it. I shoot a Glock and the rifling in a Glock won't allow the use of cast bullets (or so they say).
no cast bullets in glocks unless you buy another barrel with cut rifling :( .it is the only reason I don't own one.they are great pistols and very accurate.
I shoot cast in all my pistols and rifles.this year I am hunting with my 45/70 and cast.a 350 gr lfngc.it is a thumper :D .

45/70 bullet before lube and gas check.
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