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I had some misfires on some factory load rounds the other day. The rounds that fired were set to a depth of .003, the ones that did not I left at the range. I measured the rest of the rounds in the box which measured from .008-.014 deep.

Question 1 is should this discrepancy make a difference?

Question 2 is would the primer push back when the round was fired changing the primer depth and giving me a false depth?

I am going to try another couple of brands when I get a chance if not I will end up looking for a gunsmith.

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In response to question 1, this discrepancy shouldn't make a difference.
As far as question 2, yes when the round fires the primer is forced by pressure back to the breech face.

Can you give more details, such as type of gun, caliber, brand of primer? The more details, the more we can help diagnose the problem.
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