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Primer strength

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Anyone have a link to, or information on various primer strengths? Where does CCI primers sit when compared to Winchester or Federal?


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I don't have a link for you - but in general, in terms of small pistol primers like the CCI 500 and Federal - they are generally considered middle of the road and about the same. Winchester small pistol primers are usually viewed as being a little hotter and Remington small pistol primers are a little softer than CCI or Federal. But those are generalizations.

As a rule - I would look at your loading manual and see what they tested with the load. Looking at a Hodgdon manual I have here now - for 9mm luger - they tested the loads using CCI 500 primers and WIN cases. In general, I would also start at the min recommended load for powder when changing components like primers - and work your way up to a mid-range on the powder drop but in a lot of pistol reloads the variation from min to max may only be 0.3 grains ( say 4.1 min to 4.4 max on a 9mm load ) which doesn't give you much leeway. Personally I've used CCI small and large pistol primers for a long time and find them very good. But you'll find recommendations that say the CCI primers are "hard" and require more of a firing pin strike and some people prefer other mfg's primers. But there is a lot of info on the internet. Look at winchester, Hodgon websites for 2 good sources. I use a lot of Hodgdon Titegroup powder in my handguns - so I stay with their recommendations on loads - since they make the powder, I have a tendancy to trust them - but I routinely look at 3 or 4 reloading manuals if I'm looking at a new caliber or a new bullet combination before I settle on something to start testing. I usually load 10 cartridges - test them maybe go up 0.1 grain load 10 more and test them - and work thru the range like that until I settle on what I like and what the gun likes. Then I load up 40 or 50 boxes.
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