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Px4 Storm

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I posted a similar thread on the HK forum about HK's p2000. Is this new trend toward these Px4, or Walther p99 looking guns going to continue. What makes these guns so great?
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Just bought mine today. Very gently used. Looks like new. Love it.
Welcome back Gunrunner! I haven't seen you here in quite some time.

I don't think the style is "so great" in itself but they probably sold well because they were new and different looking and now you see the copycat effect. This is all speculation on my part but I'd say the trend will continue until the market is saturated and sales slow on this particular style.
I have had my PX4 for about 6 months. I like it because it fits my hand perfect and it fires really smooth. It is also very light but recoils minimally. It is also very accurate. I also like the 17 round mag. I also like its looks but I like the way a colt 1911 looks better. The main thing that hooked me was the feel and what keeps me hooked is the precision of it and the ability to say "Damn that's a fine weapon!"
In my opinion it is marketing. It's something new and unseen to add to you collection. And that is what they want. I'll admit I'm a sucker for the new and cool toys.
I had a chance to play with the Prototype two years ago. I worked for a Beretta Dealer. I thought it handled poorly and the magazine ejection button popped off while I was shooting it. It was the .40 Cal version.

I assume they fixed all of the bugs by now.

I like it, I think it's a nice pistol. It looks good, it's light and low priced. I probably wouldn't ever buy one though, because I already have a 92 & a Browing High Power in 9mil Luger. A Sig 226 with a 40 S&W & a 357 Sig Barrel. Plus a few 1911s.

If I had a choice between the Px4, Browning Pro, S&W M&P, Glock & Kimber I would just choose the one with better price, warrenty, better sights, cheaper parts and cheaper magazines.
I purchased the PX4 Storm last week and have truly enjoyed the pistol. I carried a 92F in the Air Force for 20 years and never experienced any problems, so I wanted a beretta.

The PX4 fits my had perfectly and is extremely accurate. It's light and has a smooth recoil. Do I like the way it looks? You bet, but there's alot more to this pistol.

I have owned a 92 for about 15 years and love it.but seen the px4 in a store for a good price so I bought it ....I liked the looks and was told it was a fine handgun..which I stil think it is. I liked the feel , the accuracy. But, I didn't like the trigger. Way too much pull length, creep and the non crispness of the trigger. As Long as I swung up and fired it felt ok but when I was trying to get a good tight group at 25 yards. I seemed to pull off while I was sqeezing the trigger. Anyway , I sold it for what I paid for it and will probably buy a XD compact. I talked to gunsmiths on the phone and on line and they all said Berett made it where you can not change the trigger.Which I really hated because I really liked the gun. I probably just got the bad apple in the barrell.
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