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Question about a .22 S&W Revolver

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Did S&W make a 12 shot .22 revolver? If so where can I find one to buy? Thanks in advance.
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The S&W model 17 was available as a 6 shot or 10 shot revolver.

They also have the model 617, in 6 or 10 shot. The 617 is the same as a model 17, except it is in stainless steel.

I don't recall any 12 shot revolvers.
yep, 17 and 617 10 shot option but never saw a 12 shot either.
Hi to everyone, am new to this forum, usually on the Shotgun forum. Does anyone know where I can find a 617, 6 shot in a 4 inch barrel. I have a 6", 6 shot, and would like to have a 4" also to carry in the field. I have the HKS speedloaders for the 6, but they have yet to make them for the 10 shot. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First off welcome to the forum.

I usually try either Gunbroker.com for used guns or GunsAmerica.com. Auctionarms.com may be another alternative but I've never needed to look there.

Gunbroker is an auction site. Like Ebay with guns. :p

GunsAmerica is a classifieds site. Sometimes you can email a seller and offer a lower price. Some accept some don't.

Auctionarms is another auction site similar to Gunbroker. I have no experience with this one.

Be wary of some of the prices you will see on these sites. Some dealers just try to fleece the ignorant buyer. Try to do your homework before bidding or buying. Good luck with your search. If these don't help you I may have one more suggestion.
Heh. Not that i'm recommending it, but Ebay also has guns.

don't anger the beast. : D
No, they have parts, no guns. It is against ebay rules to post firearms. If someone does post a firearm for sale, it is removed.
Just Say NO.
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