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Ran into an odd reloading problem today.

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I was at the range shooting some of my reloads.

Here is the load.

Winchester WLP
4.5 grains Red Dot
230gr Lead Round Nose (same profile as FMJ) .452 diameter

Here is what happened.

I was shooting 5 round strings, on shot 4 of a 5 round mag, after about ~25-30 shots, I pulled the trigger and NOTHING.

Kept the weapon aimed at target, counted to 20, and cycled (and locked) the slide to eject the round. Dropped the mag, and placed the weapon on the bench.

Picked up the ejected round, it had NO Primer in it. I check them when they come out of the press, I check them when I box them, and I check them again when I load the magazine.

Put the round in the "DUD" box, and checked all the rounds I brought with me.

Shot another ~70 rounds, then packed up and went home. When I was cleaning the mag, I pulled off the floorplate, and out falls a primer. Unfired primer that apparently fell out of the defective round. I soaked it in oil, and threw it out.

What could cause this? This was the first reload for once fired brass. Remington and WWB mixed. The failure was a WWB casing.

Just curious. I made a note in my reloading log, and will try to see if this happens again.
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I have never had a primer fall out while shooting but I have seen them to loose to use. I hand prime all my cases and every so often I will find one which the primer will almost fall in. I just throw the case away.
It happens. :wink:
First thing would be to cull that brass--you did didn't you???
Next was a small pistol primer mixed in somehow?
Last check would be to see if mabey the primer was inserted upsidedown--I know it's a little late now but something to watch for.
Maybe if the primer pocket was reamened to much and it made the flash hole diameter bigger then it should have been? Was this particular case picked up on the floor at the range? Meaning do you know its history? Jack
sometimes after many reloadings the primmer pocket will stretch, making the brass unusable.
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