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Rare Ithaca 1911 .45 service pistol from WWII era

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This is what I believe to be, an officers .45 service pistol. It's an Itaca 1911 .45 auto from the WWII era. It is fully adorned in elaborate engraving's and gold accents. This is in Excellent to NM condition. Myself and an associate of mine believe this gun was made for a General or other high ranking official in the WWII era. It has the initials FJA on the gun down near the trigger This is for Frank J Atwood, He Was one of the Army inspectors at the Military arsenal. Who ever did this gun was an incredible artist. The engraving is immaculate and the gold accents make this a true one of a kind gun. As you know Ithaca .45's are rare in themselves let alone a custom one made for an officer. Engraving covers almost every square inch of the gun and it is very highly polished down to the magazine. The hammer, trigger, safety, mag release button, slide release and barrel bushing are all done in a fine gold. There is no detectable serial number on the gun at all and other than Frank J Atwood's initials on the gun it says Ithaca Gun Company, Ithaca New York. I may be wrong about the gun being made for a millitary official but it makes the most sense to us.The price on this gun is less than it appraised for. 2500.00 OR BEST OFFER. It comes with a holster that is also believed to be from the same era. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask questions or email for pictures. I have dial up so it will take me a little time to upload pic's to you but I will do it. Thanks again, Jason
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