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Ready for the laughs....

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I think I am going to go out and buy a Hi Point 9mm. I'm sure they are cheap but I went out bunny blasting yesterday and my friend brought along his Hi Point. Fun little gun to plink around with and for $99! Plus it has a lifetime warranty. Anyone else own a Hi Point? :lol: Or have any opinions on either the 9mm or .40 cal? Thanks!
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I own a Hi-Point Carbine in 9mm, I dont think I would buy a Hi-Point pistol unless it was a really really good deal.
I shot the 9mm carbine of a co-worker and liked the gun... but it does bite the cheek!
Co-worker managed to get a bullet lodged in barrel... HiPoint fixed it w/o calling him names.
///olde 8) pharte///
1gsplover said:
but it does bite the cheek!
///olde 8) pharte///
yes it does and that is why I put a small piece of self stick closed cell foam for a much more comfortable cheek weld :D
yea, I'v seen that, kinda cool, I might get one of those and a red dot scope
I own a hi point c9 and love it. Great shooter for 140 bucks brand new with a hard plastic foam lined lockable carry case.
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