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Recoil on 40cal HP?

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Was wondering how bad the felt recoil is on the 40cal models. My local shop had an FN 40s&w HP which felt real nice in my hand. I've always considered the 9mm as a good balance in this size pistol, and cheap to feed. But the price on this 40cal is low enough to consider.

The Action is WAY stiff. Does this get any easier over time?

I've shot the 40 cal Glock full size (22?). Thought it was a little heavy on the recoil, so I'm hesitant on the FN 40cal. I mainly shoot for fun at the range a couple times a month, so lighter recoil and cheap ammo is a plus. For defense I have several 357 revolvers, so I'm not concerned about that aspect of the 9mm/40s&w debate.

any input/advice is apreciated... Thanks.
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Guess nobody has one.. Doesn't matter anymore, Bought the S&W model 37 for a carry gun, and the shop had sold the HP 40...
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