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First post here but I am a member of the Shotgun world forum also.

I am listing this for a guy at work. Prices are negotiable.

Everything is in great conditiuon.

500 once fired brass - 30.00

1 pound of Alliant Bulleye Powder...still sealed - 10.00

Lee 3pc die set...looks like it was never used - 15.00

Lyman 6" Stainless Steel Dial caliper - still sealed in box - 10.00

Meister Bullets - 230 grain Round Nose - 500 in sealed bag - 50.00

Winchester WLP primers 1000ct. - 25.00

Lee Challanger Press - 30.00

Thanks for looking. If you want a picture of anything PM and I will send you one. Buyer to pay shipping.....only thing that might be alot for shipping would be the lead bullets...the bos is pretty heavy.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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