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Remington UMC 230gr FMJ Jacketed Hollow Point (45 ACP)

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Since we dont have a factoy ammo forum,

Does anyone use these, and how would you rate them for a HD/CCW round?

I picked up a 100 box for $23 to test to see if they feed OK, since I have run nothing but ball in my new 45 yet.

My gun feeds the FMJ Ball Ammo from Federal (red box) and the Remington UMC Ball well. (0 FTF/FTE in 150 rounds) and also feeds cast lead ball well.
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My SA shot them with no problem, I put about 200 through it while checking for reliability. I use 230 gr Golden Sabres for my carry ammo as I feel it is a more advanced design for defense and has several advantages. I shot Hornady's TAP for evaluation and was really impressed by its low muzzle flash in low light conditions. I will go with these when I replace my carry ammo.
I have used them on several occasions with no problems. As far as a defensive round I think they are as good as anything else. If you hit someone with a 230 gr bullet at 850 fps, I think they are going down.
I would refrain from shooting cast bullets very much, because of leading.
We've shot a bunch of these thru my wife's S&W and my boy's Glock. No malfunctions and they shoot pretty good in these 2 pistols.

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