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Replacement grips

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I'm looking for replacement grips for my S&W Model 25 and I'm not sure where to start. My original plan was to get ivory grips but in all the pictures online they just look like white plastic. Is there a certain type of ivory I should search for or are the pictures just poor representations of the product? I do like these even though I typically hate finger grooves.

I'm also considering exotic wood grips. I'd prefer something light in color and highly figured. Maybe Black Ash Burl (below). Any suggestions?
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Look for aged ivory if you must have "white" grips. Mastodon (fossil) ivory is very nice. Birds-eye maple is great and the various burls are beautiful. Don't discount stag, either. If you get new stags, they won't be dark like the ones you have. Stag would be my preference on that gun. :wink:
I like Cocobolo ( it's a Brazilian hardwood ) personally - and there are a lot of custom grip makers out there. I've even made a few myself over the years - when I had too much times on my hands and no sense ....... it's a lot of work to make a " one off " grip for a gun.

Brownells sells some nice grips as well. You should have a big variety to pick from.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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