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Boy! the LOUD mouth Bitch is at again. When is ABC going to wake up and get rid of her .Ship her off to Iran, seems she thinks their just Great.
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Rosie is nothing but a loud mouth bully. Her arguments have no merit, so she just drowns everyone out with sheer volume. Barbara Walters has got to be regretting her decision to bring her onto that show of hers.
She is quite annoying, i am ashamed she grew up nearby on Long Island. But honestly, doesent this whole show stink and always did. They are so pointless and one has more drama than the other.

Surely women deserve a more meaningful show than this. I just dont get it.

Barbara Walters should try a different type of format, she seems to be jipping herself and lowering her credibilty, Sadly there must be people who like this rubbish.

When the lips are overinjected (like in that gif), there is such a weird curve around the muscles and flesh surrounding the lips. Brittany Murphy had it terribly. To me, it's grosser than the poofed lips themselves.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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