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Rotors for Little Dandy

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Just ordered 3 more rotors for my RCBS Little Dandy Powder
measure from Midway. Always hate to pay shipping but the darn little things are hard to find. Have never found any at a gun show yet and Gander would have to special order them. Cabelas don't seem to have them in their catalog.
I should have made up some blanks while I was still working in the toolroom. O well retirement is better than working anytime
. :roll:
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No such problems with a Uniflow-they have an adjustable stem--I have an extra one :idea: :idea: :idea:
Hoa, I have the Uniflow also but its stays set up for rifle
calibers. The Little Dandy Pistol Measure is for my 9MM.38sp.,
357,40SW and 45 Colt.Almsot forgot the 45ACP.
Thanks for the reply tho.
Here in Idaho Sportsman's Warehouse has them or you could go to www.sportsmanswarehouse.com. I have a little dandy as well. I used to use it for a lot of 45 acp stuff with a fixed load. I bought rotors for it for a while , but find that it takes less time (and less expence) to adjust the uniflow measure that drops every bit as accurate of loads...Goodluck...aren't you supposed to buy a lathe for the garage when you retire???:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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