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Ruger .44 mag super redhawk

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I had a house burglerly awhile back, and one of the items stolen was a .44 mag Virginian Dragoon. I decided to replace it with the Ruger super redhawk. At the same time, I ordered the bushnell ulp holosight. Both were backordered for about 3 months. The Ruger showed up first, and the holosight showed up a couple of weeks later. I knew that the super redhawk came with scope rings, but assumed it would be like my dragoon,and be able to mount a weaver rail on the top strap. Sadly that is not the case.

I guess my question is, since Ruger designed a pistol that will only mount their rings, Is there an aftermarket source that has built a weaver style base, or pitcanney rail that will mount to the top strap of the redhawk? Any help would sure be appreciated, as I have a $250 dollar holosight with nothing to mount it on.
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YOU ARE THE MAN!! I looked in a Brownells catalog the other day, but it was a couple years old. I never thought about checking their web sight.
I was gonna say Weigand makes one, but wwb beat me to it. Does anyone make one out of steel?
I finally got everything set up the way I want it. Now I can't wait for deer season :D

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Here's mine! She's a bit dirty from sighting in... (Lookout deer!) this will be my first year hunting with a handgun...

Mike B (Hey I never knew this place was here, I have been over on shotgunworld.com for a long time!!!)
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I use to not like the Super Redhawk and instead wanted the regular Redhawk in .44 Magnum. Then I started seeing the Super Redhawk is .454 Casull more and decided I wanted one of those big boys, especially since they're flexible with ammunition. Allows you to try target shooting, medium game hunting and big game hunting.
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