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Ruger GP100

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Lookin to get one of these guys with a 4" bbl as my first handgun. It will be used for target shooting, keeping in the truck, and the home for protection. It MIGHT be used for concealed carry (once i get the permit), but it is not the first priority. I liked the idea of something simple, well priced ($350 or less used) and the option of shooting light .38 loads for cheap and tossing in .357 for fun/protection (especially for carrying in the woods). Any other suggestions to look at in this price range or comments on this gun?
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I don't have a GP100, but love my Super Redhawk (which uses the same action). It's accurate and hell for stout.

Unless you're totally wed to a double action, you might want to consider a .357 Blackhawk. They don't work well for concealed carry, but I personally find them more fun to shoot than any of my double action revolvers. Easier to clean too.

The GP100 is a good choice. You may want to consider some of the Taurus double actions as well. You can find good deals on them. I have 5 Ruger single actions, love them all. I also have a Taurus model 66 in 357 Mag with 3" barrel that is incredibly accurate at 75 yards. Let us know what you get & we will rejoice with you whatever the choice. :lol:

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thanks for the insights. looks like im going to keep my eyes open for a deal between a ruger or a taurus. one hesitation of the taurus is some people said they wouldnt feed hot .357s to em all the time because it would wear out the gun... is this true? will the ruger last longer? given, i will mostly be feeding it .38s and 357s less often..

The K-frame Smith & Wesson is more vulnerable to "shooting loose" from full-house loads than either the Ruger or Taurus.

The only drawback to the Taurus (and maybe they've cleaned up their act recently) was spotty quality. Fit & finish, timing, cylinder alignment, etc. were usually just okay, once in a while very good, and once in a while really bad.
thanks for the insight. i've heard the same about hte taurus's, but shit... for the price (being a student), its appealing - leaving more money available for ammunition and accesories :twisted:
i'm gunna keep my eye open for a good deal - any other suggestions throw em my way ;) thanks again

***I just found a used S&W 66 used for $375. Hows the price on that?***

Thats a fair price on the Smith. They seem to be going up lately. Particularly the S&Ws without the internal lock. I don't remember if the 66 is a K or L frame but the K frame Smiths would sometimes shoot loose with repeated heavy use of real hot loads. I still like them though.

Ruger's are built to last. You will not stretch the frame or otherwise wear the gun out.

I can't recommend Taurus one way or the other. I know too little about them.
i believe the 66 is a K frame, which concerns me a little bit.... I would deffinitely try to bargain him down if I purchased it. What would be a good price for a used Ruger GP100 or a S&W?

I hope to try to find a Ruger or S&W at the fun show in a couple weeks but I want to know what a good purchase price would be since Gunsamerica is 99% of the time SUPER HIGH.



i appreciate all the advice.
I'm really not current on prices so I can't really be much help there. I have a general feeling for S&W prices because I frequent the classified section of another forum thats all S&W.

I would suggest browsing www.Gunbroker.com and viewing the closed auctions. You should be able to get an idea of what the guns you're looking at actually sell for instead of a dealer's ridiculous asking price on GA.

I've had some incredible buys on GunBroker but the shipping and transfer fees need to be considered as well as the winning bid price. It may be worthwhile to consider GB if you don't see a good deal at the gunshow.
hey fuelburns... i saw in the classifieds you were trying to sell and buy a SP101. how do you like it? I was also considering one of those but i thought htey only sold them up to a 3" barrel?
The SP101 is a great little gun. Heavy enough to absorb much of the recoil of a .357 mag and built to last. The 2" and 3" are the most common barrel lengths. I found a .32 mag in 4" just recently. I think they make great carry guns and they're relatively easy to control for a gun this size. My friend has larger hands than I and he shoots well with them. The trigger is heavy but a spring kit can help lighten the trigger pull.

The 2" is a 9mm, the 3" is a .357 magnum and the 4" is .32 magnum.

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look good :twisted: must like em if you got 3 of em! wanna sell the .357? :lol:

do you ever carry the 4" or do you think its too big? I'm a small guy and want the 4" for all around shooting and dont have my CCW yet, but it would be great to get a gun that i can carry as well when the time comes... for havin fun plinkin/target shooting, home protection, to keep in the truck, and someday carry what length would you recommend?

thanks for the input.
I am willing to sell the .357 but it is an early gun. The first run were built on .38 special frames and are limited to 125 grain bullets. They're still very effective ammunition but 158 grain bullets have too much OAL and the cylinder will not reliably rotate with such ammo. I won't sell it without disclosing that little bit.
i appreciate that bit of information. im weary of that idea and dont want to be restricted on my ammo for now.

i also found a S&W 65 for a good deal that someone i met is willing to part with. i know their actions and triggers are great but i'm worried about the K frame. realistically i'll be shooting mostly 38s... but i'd like a gun that can outlast me.

the idea of the taurus's as a workhouse is more and more appealing. it scares me that you can get them for 285-400 NEW. how can they do this? thats the same price as a USED ruger? ive heard good things of taurus's too.... any input of the taurus 65 vs 66? i know resale isnt good on the taurus's either...
The finish and machining of the internal parts is typically lower grade on a Taurus. The exchange rate with Brazil may have something to do with the lower price as well. If you primarily shoot .38s in a K frame it should last. I believe heavy and regular use of magnum ammo is what caused the guns to shoot loose.
well i got it! i got my first handgun/revolver. i picked up the S&W 66-2 Combat model with Pachmayer grips and adjustable sites. it just feels GREAT and the action/trigger is sweet:) i'll post pics tomorow.
You made a good choice! Can't wait for the pics. :D
sorry the picture quality is a little sub-par. i took these early in the morning and had the use the flash. i'm going to put in some range time today :)

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That's mighty pretty for a double action revolver. I think you'll like those sights.
shot it today - i'm very pleased and love the trigger. the pachmayer grips helped absorb the recoil of the 357 loads.
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