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New here. There are a number of makers of double action Ruger grips.

First, there is Hogue. They make grips in a number of woods and can be ordered with or WITHOUT finger grooves or with one groove and with or without a contrasting grip cap. The website is at:

http://www.hogueinc.com/getgrip/merchan ... =27&step=2

Next, there is Herrett's in Idaho. They offer grips some of which they will make to fit your hand which can be useful if you have an overly large or small hand. The website is at:


There is Badger that offers a number of grips at:


Next there is Grips4guns which sells both Badger and Excaliber grips for Rugers at:


Finally, there is Eagle grips at:


If one has a lot of time and money there is Roy Fishpaw that makes custom handmade grips out of a variety of materials. He does not have a website. Hope this helps. All in all there are a number of alternatives.

R and R

P.S. At one time Ruger offered a wood grip for the GP-100 that matched the configuration of the stock rubber one but was all rosewood. Perhaps one could buy one on one of the boards.. Here is a link to a picture over at the Ruger Forum:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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