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Ruger Mark III 22/45 Target Pistol Questions

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SO I might have made the complete mistake and took the pistol apart to clean it! NOW It's being a ROYAL PAIN in the neck to put it back together... :evil: It will go together just fine, but when an empty magazine is put into it....And it's cocked and loaded, the hammer doesnt Drop at all! ANY help on this would be appreciated, ESPECIALLY SINCE it's NOT working for me (even after going through the manual MORE than once!)
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You may have to insert magazine one step earlier than your manual calls for.
There is a typo on the manual that came with some rugers.

Download the manual from the website to have correct instructions.

Get on www.youtube.com and type in ruger 22 45 assembly. I had to use this to get mine back together correctly. Pay special attention to when you install the mag and in which direction you are pointing the gun. Hope this works for you.
the online tutorial on rugers site is also very helpful. I just went threw a problem with my new one and it turned out to be dirt near the hammer. oil helped alleviate this also be sure of the strut arm lines up with the cut out in the main spring housing. Also as mentioned a couple of very good clips on youtube for trouble shooting it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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