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Ruger Mark III

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Bought a Mark III today. I got the blued target model, as I was interested in something that would be fairly accurate, fun to shoot and cheaper to practice at the range with. I swap carry guns between a p-85 and a Springfield .45 compact model. I like to get to the range 2-3 times a month and the Mark III will keep me in practice a lot cheaper. Anybody else got experience the the Mark I, II or III series pistols?
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I have a Mark I with the bull barrel and a Mark II with the long tapered target barrel. Both needed some attention to the trigger to eliminate the creep, but after that, they're fine target pistols.

The Mark III should be expected to perform pretty much the same, I would guess. I've never tried a Mark III, but have heard that disassemble/reassembly is a whole bunch more difficult than the previous 2 generations.
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