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Ruger Mark III

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Bought a Mark III today. I got the blued target model, as I was interested in something that would be fairly accurate, fun to shoot and cheaper to practice at the range with. I swap carry guns between a p-85 and a Springfield .45 compact model. I like to get to the range 2-3 times a month and the Mark III will keep me in practice a lot cheaper. Anybody else got experience the the Mark I, II or III series pistols?
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I've owned a MarkII for a good while now and it's about the most accurate 22 that I have. It hasn't jammed ,YET. With the exception of CCI Stingers ,it shoots even the cheapest loads extremely well.


I've taken mine down a couple of times and usually wish I hadn't done it. After about 3 attempts, to get it back together, I have to lay it down and walk away from it to keep from pitching it out the window. Cool off a bit and it seems to fall back together!

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