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Ruger MK III Disassembly

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New to this form. I just bought a Ruger MK III and tried to disassemble it according to the manual. I got as far as pulling out the mainspring housing but no farther. The bolt stop pin would not come out even though I tapped it with a plastic mallet. I tapped pretty hard too. Since the gun has yet to be fired, I am wondering if the pin loosens up after the gun has been fired a bit.

Please advise.

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Contact Ruger, They can walk you thru this. I've got a MarkII and have messed with guns my whole life. That being said, I won't try to tear down that pistol again! It's like a Rubic's Cube. Ya know how it's supposed to go back but for some reason it just don't work! I've never been able to get the barrel off to adjust the trigger,even though it tells ya right there in the instructions. A gunshop right next to where I live charged $20 dollars to put these things back together. I know this because I paid it the first time. The last time, I'd mess with it for a while,get pissed,lay it down and come back later. It finally went back correctly and I was happy. It has been back apart since!

Thanks. I called Ruger and they walked me through it. They said those pins are really tight at first.
My Mark II was apart for over a year once (1987)! I had to have my dear old Dad put it back together for me. He had a MKI in the 1960's and was on a military pistol team back then. He put it together in about 15 minutes (that was in 1988). I guess once you figure it out and do it a bunch of times you never forget.
Oh man...I have my Dad's '67 Ruger Standard Auto, and I can totally relate. The part that really killed me was the swinging link that connects to the mainspring...damn near impossible to figure out, even with written instructions. Push the hammer forward, then turn the gun upward, then insert mainspring housing/disassembly pin...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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